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  • 27 Warner Street
    BB5 1HN Accrington
  • 07763 991556

Better With Bowen


BETTER WITH BOWEN : Pain Specialist

Whether you have a bad back or your baby has colic, if you have a frozen shoulder, scoliosis, sciatica, migraines, problems with your digestive system. and so many more - the Bowen Technique should definitely be considered. This effective and unique therapy is suitable for all ages and treats problems of a recent nature or those that are chronic and long-standing.

I can help people where so many other methods to help have failed - well nearly always! It is certainly worth a try and within a very few sessions normally we are on the path to resolving the condition.  This is not one of those treatments where you're spending hand over fist and getting nowhere fast.  Generally, you'll need fewer sessions to resolve conditions that other treatments.  I also have a wealth of knowledge which I pass on regarding future pain prevention.

You're in wise and caring hands when you come to Better With Bowen.  The treatments are gentle, non-invasive, effective and safe.

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