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  • 26b Battersea Rise
    SW11 1EE London
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Hypnotherapist, South London

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is a modality that allows you to bring in more of the unbounded energy of the Soul /spirit to play , and to express itself. This is achieved through shining a light on and seeing through the egoic patterns of thinking that interfere with and curtail this uninhibited expression. The egoic patterns manifest as specific symptoms and problems such as addictions, low self esteem, relationship problems etcetera.

Once we become aware of these patterns we can make more conscious choices including forgiving and releasing anything that keeps us in constricted patterns of holding on. We are less bound by either the follies and hurts of the past or our concerns for the future, instead we are freer to contribute, play and give creative expression to whatever is immediately present and and may be requiring our fuller engagement and attention.

Specific issues that can be addressed include -

De-stress and experience deep rejuvenation
Higher Motivation levels
Increase Confidence
Resolve Interpersonal conflicts, Enjoy better Relationships

As a result of the work, the emphasis shifts from Self-conscious behaviours and concerns about the image that other people have about us, to harnessing and focussing the use of all of the latent and energy potential as well as unique gifts, talents and skills that each individual has brought with them as infinite Soul/spirit in to this incarnation.

Hypnotherapist, South London in summary

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  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Healing

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