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About Naturality Wellness Centre

We offer a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies, so whatever your needs the chances are we’ll be able to help.

What unites us is the belief that there’s more to life than just staving off illness and feeling ‘not too bad’.

Wellness is a state of health and happiness, in both body and mind. It means that you feel terrific so you can get the most from your life and do the things you really want to do.

Our treatments are designed to find and eliminate the many causes of stress and dysfunction. Once the stressors are removed, your body’s natural healing ability will have the greatest chance to return you to a state of vibrant good health.
What we DO

Each of our practitioners has their own way of working, but the first thing they all do is listen carefully to what you have to tell them.

Once they have built a clear picture of your situation they will devise a plan for your treatment. Sometimes just one session will be all that’s needed, while other times a course of several treatments might be the best thing for you.

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