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About Waverly Wellness Bioresonace

Why is Waverly Wellness the best choice for you?

Bioresonance Technology can quickly and effectively help you find out what is wrong with your health, and develop a personalised treatment plan according to the recommendations of the advanced softwear.

More about Waverly Wellness:

Waverlywellness practices from Holistic Zone in Poole Dorset.

As a long term sufferer with Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses, I have found Bioresonance to be a great help in improving my health and managing dis-ease. I feel an accurate diagnosis is difficult to establish in mainstream medicine and chronic health issues often not diagnosed at all. By using bioresonance I want to help people discover what is wrong with their health and use the technology to establish healing via a personalised programme using various recommended strategies which can include working alongside your GP.

I have a vision of health and holistic wellness empowerment for all.

What can Waverly Wellness offer you?

Bioresonance software can accurately pinpoint areas of disease and imbalance in the body which may need improving and also recommend suitable treatment such as; Allopathy, Nutraceuticals, Lithotherapy, Meta-therapy and Nutritional Therapy, according to each individual. It can scan all your organs and systems, including: Thyroid gland, lungs, lymphatic system, heart, cardio-vascular system, liver, kidneys, uterus, ovaries, prostate, breast, intestine, pancreas, and much more. It will show the level of nutrients and micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, candida etc.

What to Expect during the Appointment;

Before the test, I will ask you to remove any metal from your pockets, etc. You won’t be asked to remove clothes and you will sit comfortably in a relaxing chair. Special headphones will be placed over your head and these pick up the various body frequencies selected by the consultant, via your brain, by laser technology. You can watch this scanning process live on a laptop in front of you. The experience is non invasive and is entirely comfortable. After about 40 minutes of a full body scan, the consultant will analyse the readings with you and email or print your results. The appointment in total will last around 1.5-2 hours.

Who preceded you?

Bioresonance is recommended for everyone, it can work alongside your current medical treatments and does not attempt to replace your consultations with your GP or medical practitioner. Clients often visit me who have not been able to find answers through mainstream medicine. It is also useful for observing existing conditions, as well as pinpointing those conditions that are not yet diagnosed, often far enough in advance to implement change. Either during the scan, or after the analysis is complete, clients can ask any questions regarding their health and we will endeavor to answer these questions. I help customers to leave my practice feeling empowered and hopeful that they can change the direction of their health.


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